ABC Company
Team members:

Alex Sposito
Materials Science and Engineering
Fall 2011

Amrita Acharya-Menon
Electrical Engineering
May 2012

Dominic Danna
Electrical Engineering
May 2012

Andrew Will
Aerospace Engineering
May 2013


Transport via the Universities bus can be confusing and inefficient, especially when you are a new student and unfamiliar with the system. This issue is compounded when a student is on the go and does not have a bus schedule or route book with them. Bus schedules also change daily making routines difficult to follow. This turns into a headache for students who want to utilize such a great resource, but are without all the necessary information. ABC Company is going to provide a comprehensive all-inclusive application that provides all bus information needed to get around college park.


This application will target towards anyone on campus that uses the University Bus system.


Our approach to solving this problem will be to provide a simple and effective app that works in real time to provide accurate information to users. We will also focus heavily on our app being easy to use. It will included everything needed to travel college park.


We will depend on the University bus system data. This includes routes and times. This information is public and will not be hard to implement into our application. With plans on incorporating GPS into our application, there is also the risk of failure because we lack the technical understanding in this subject.


The platform we plan on using is the iphone and we will write in native.