Team name: BBTG

Group Members:
Chae Clark
Spring 2011

Randolph Ballard
Electrical Engineering
Spring 2012

The Problem
Crime is a part of every day life any where in America and even here on Maryland's campus. Our campus has been very good at address our safety concerns, with the speed at which the police respond and even with the blue phones around campus. Unfortunately the police cannot be with every student at all times. If your unfamiliar with campus the blue phones can be hard to find.

Target Market
BBTG's target market will be University of Maryland 41,000 students, faculty, and staff as well as University of Maryland numerous visitors with security concerns. With such a large campus population and an open campus security is always a concern, so after developing the system to meet University of Maryland's need, the system will tailored to work with any campus across America.

The Solution
BBTG will be used as a widget on as screen of the user's android phone. When pressed the application will transmit the user's GPS location and phone number directly to the campus police dispatch. The police will then be able to contact the person who sent the request, dispatch an officer, and/or request more data from our database if it is available. Data such as any medical conditions or other vital information that the police would find usual about the user upon arrival.

The Gamble
This market would need to gain acceptance within the police department and we would need to directly work with the campus police to format the incoming information into a useful form. We will need to increase user trust in order to gain of potentially private information from the user that could potentially save a life. There are also a large number of applications that almost directly compete with BBTG such as iSOS, Emergency Dial!, Emergency Quickdial, and many others. However we are the only app that will work directly with University of Maryland's Campus police and in the future we will work directly with other campus emergency first responders.

The Tech
The platform for the application will be android. Android was chosen not only for its ease of use, but for the resources available to developers. While the app will be programed in java we will need to maintain a database for user information. The application will need to format the information in such a way that would be described by the campus police.