Group Members: Jayanta Mondal - CMSC (2015), Kerese – CMSC (2012); Preeti Bhargava – CMSC (2015), Rincy Mathew –ENPM (August 2011); Varun K Nagaraja - CMSC PhD Student. (2015)

Problem: Students sell their text books for a satisfactory price which are mostly advertised as notices in every building. There could be possibilities that students in a building may not be able to access this information, or might lose the contact details of the seller. What if the student is located in another building in the campus? Furthermore, consider a scenario when a semester begins – what if the student does not want to purchase text books at a high price. Who could give them additional information about the coursework? The Book Exchange app will resolve these problems.

Target: This app will give information access i.e. which books are advertised - to all the students who are registered for this app, especially taking the undergraduate and graduate students of a particular department into focus.

1. Once a student is registered for this app, he/she will be able to browse the advertised books based on attributes like title, author, ISBN, department course code etc to retrieve the details of the book. There are three main entities - the administrator, seller and the buyer. The administrator will authenticate the user; maintain the data stored in the repository such as transactions etc. Certain privileges are given to seller and buyer. A buyer could reserve the book, be on waiting list or be given extended reserve period as per the seller. Both the seller and buyer will agree on the location, time for the book exchange. The advertised book can have three modes – in stock, reserved. A book once sold, must be entered in the database for records

2. The book could be purchased at a relatively low price as compared to the original cost price. Apart from this, the buyer could get feedback of the coursework.

Risks: Measures should be taken to accept the participants only if they have a valid UMD identity. The mode of payment is cash which has to be recorded in a database and this transaction must be monitored

Technology: This will be developed for Android OS (desired platform). We intend to use the camera on the phone as a barcode scanner to retrieve the details of the book.