Asheel Kakkad <akakkad>, Biology 2014
Pavan, Mechanical Engineering 2014

Problem - Many different schools and groups on campus hold events but the events are not available in one easy to access place. The information is often segregated and is only distributed to members of the club, new prospective members have to search hard to find events.

Audience - Campus Students looking for what happening on campus

Our Approach - Our campus will approach this problem by using the geolocation and tagging available on many phones today to make an aggregated list of events that is easy to understand and find. The events would also be sorted by some criteria and searchable.

Risks - The app will rely on users and organizers of events to post their event up on the application and if users dont contribute than nobody will benefit. In addition our final idea may be hard to program and we will probably need access to google's map database which may be tricky.

Technology - We plan on developing for the iOS using the iOS SDK