• Program to be solved:
We want to build a app that only need one touch for the drive-in food ordering. No more long time communication over the speaker in the extreme weather, no more wrong order picking, faster and easier. provides users menus of fast food services that has
  • App Scope:
People who are always on the go, have long requirements for their order and love drive-in fast food service.
  • Approach overview:
Our app provides users fast access to menus of general fast food service which has a drive-in ordering system. Users can build their order on their smart phone and transmit the order to the attendance by sending a message type thing which encodes the order to the food service they currently want to go to.
The smart phone will use GPS to find the current food service location and load in the service code which can be used to send the order to the smart phone used by the attendance in the room. The app on the attendance side will calculate the charge for the order and send the amount back to the smart phone held by the user. Or they can pay directly through their bank account or credit card.
Users can log their preferred menu for specific places. So if they want to order the same thing next time they don’t need to talk to the attendance over the speaker but only need 1 click on his/her phone.
    • Security Issues:
When the user sends the order to the food service, his/her own phone number is encoded in the sent out message so that the food service can send him/her back the charge later. Their phone number information should be safely encrypted. If they use online payment, the information safety issue is even more important.
    • Precise Locating Issues:
Assume our app can both work for Starbucks and Wendy’s. And it happens that these two places are close together. Our phone should precisely locate which one the user wants to go and send the order to the right receiver.
    • Difference in menu across locations:
This might happen so we need to have a daily update data-base attach to the app keeping the exception information of each shop.
  • Technology Referred
This app will be built on Google Android Platform.