Team Members:
Megan Monroe - madeyjay <where it's ( )> <our skool> dot edu
Major: Computer Science (Graduate Student)

Problem to be Addressed:
Every day, students strap on their headphones and head to class. While this can serve as a pleasant distraction, it also eliminates the potential for interaction with any of the other bajillion students who attend this school. Essentially, students wearing headphones have resigned themselves to a null interaction with campus life from the time they leave their dorm room, until the time they arrive at class. The goal of this project is to turn this null interaction into a meaningful one.

Targeted Audience:
Music listeners/lovers/consumers/elitists/searchers. And anyone else who is totally bored in class.

Jam-My-Jam will let the entire campus inside your earphones by broadcasting your current song choice along with your location. The application will consist of two parts:

  1. An iPhone/iPod Touch app that acts as a wrapper around the user's playlists. The user need only select a playlist, and hit the road.
  2. A web app, powered by Google Maps, that displays the current song choice and location of all the Jam-My-Jam listeners on campus. Web users can browse the most recently played songs, expand a currently playing song to see details about the playlist, and rate their favorite selections.

While this project relies on a certain degree of buy-in in order to produce ideal results, I am relying on the following two assumptions to resolve this issue on its own.

  1. For even a single user, it will be fun to play a song on a mobile device, and then simultaneously see that song appear on the campus map.
  2. Everyone thinks that they listen to the best music. Everyone wants everyone to know what they're listening to. Deal with it.

Technical Limitations:
In addition to the features described above, I would also like to utilize Bluetooth functionality such that Jam-My-Jam listeners can interact with each other on the move. I am still ironing out the feasibility of this extension.

As discussed above, this application will consist of an iPhone/iPod Touch app, as well as a web app.