Group members
Jason Albanese <first initial and first 6 letters of last name>
Cell Biology and Genetics, 2014
Rohan Bhale, <first initial and last name>
Bioengineering, 2014
Vicky Lai, <first initial and last name>
Computer Science and Economics, 2014

Problem description
UMD has over 700 buildings spread over 1500 acres, too much for the average person to know
by heart. While campus maps, TerpNav and the UM Info mobile app can help with navigating
from building to building, what about finding the correct room within a building? In the long,
large building of Van Munching Hall, for instance, the main staircase to the second floor is
disconnected from the staircase to the third floor. The Bio-Psych building lacks clear room
numbers and a logical numbering system. Building floor maps are available to people with UMD
logins, but the typical student neither knows about them nor has the time to look through them.

Target audience
This app is particularly helpful for anyone new to campus, such as visitors, transfer students,
and freshmen. However, even learned veterans require directions in navigating to and within the
many buildings they’ve never been to, especially when a new semester of classes begins.

Approach to address the problem
The “MApp” app plans to address this issue and provide users with campus and floor maps as
well as clear and optimal directions to their target buildings and rooms. The app will also allow
the user to reroute around a blocked or congested area and will have a “night mode” that will
only direct along well-lit paths after dark.

We have access to maps, but those are all PDF files; it would be more convenient to have image
files instead. We want color-coded maps and we need a database of distances. There may be
memory or time issues associated with the large amounts of data that need to be processed on the

Technology we plan on using
The current plan is to develop for the Droid via Eclipse and a Droid emulator. If the Droid
version is successful, we may also consider implementing a web version for users with other
mobile devices or who do not have a mobile device.