Team name: Mimir

Group Members:
Chae Clark
Spring 2011
< Clark . Chae>

Randolph Ballard
Electrical Engineering
Spring 2012???
<Ballard . Randolph>

The Problem
Video lectures are lectures given at various schools, on a particular course. The school’s film
department chooses select courses and records the professor’s lectures. The video is then placed online
on YouTube, the school’s site, etc. A big issue is that since these video’s are primarily for the students
in the course, few people outside of the class are aware that they can view the lectures, due to the lack of

Target Market
The target market of Mimir is college students who are thirsty for knowledge, but are frustrated
with ineffective campus services. Students all over campus, the nation, and the world will have access to
the Mimir application. With over 18,000,000 students enrolled (according to the 2008 statistics from the
US Census Bureau), the number of potential students that would benefit from Mimir software is
staggering. The increase in handheld multimedia devices also increases the reach of software to a young
population always on the go.
In addition, due to the software’s natural inclination for training use, future implementations of
the software will allow for Mimir’s use in other markets, such as the government, professional, and job
training sectors.

The Solution
Mimir allows the user to input their current course or keywords and the software/application
finds matches to that course, the user can then choose to watch a particular lecture, or see any available
information about the course (quizzes, old exams, notes, etc). With Mimir, students will be able to easily
find video lectures for their course, and will have access to an invaluable resource.

The Gamble
While the application market is predicted to increase, the market is so saturated with applications
that it has become hard for users to determine where the quality software is. Also, because the market is
flooded with Smartphone applications, it is a necessity that Mimir establishes itself as an innovative and
needed company to users. Another risk associated with Mimir is that developing software can be tricky
because while software can be copy write protected, that does not stop competitors from making similar
products to a certain degree, and new companies must be aware of this when releasing and protecting
their software.

The Tech
The platform for the application will be android. Android was chosen not only for its ease of use,
but for the resources available to developers. To implement the application, we will use relational
databases, Java, PHP, and DHTML development.