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Parking on campus can be a daunting task, especially if you’re in a hurry. The hardest part about parking on campus is knowing when and where to park to avoid getting a citation. Yes, all the lots have signs but if you’re in a hurry and are unfamiliar with the different lots, the signs can be confusing. For visitors who are given directions about where to park, it’s still difficult navigating through campus to find the right lot.

Our solution is to take as much of the guesswork in finding parking and put people’s search for parking into an easy to use mobile app. All users would have to do is enter their destination, time, and whatever permits they hold. With this information the app would list the parking lots closest to their destination, at which point users would be able to pick the one that’s most convenient. Our app is for anyone looking for parking on the University of Maryland, College Park campus.

Some of the risks and obstacles that may arise for our team is obtaining the most up-to-date data from DOTS and OIT on the status of the parking lots on campus, as well as information about the permits issued to campus users for everyday use or special events on campus.

We also need to protect the data from any hacks among our users or third-party spammers. We need to resolve certain technical problems as well. Although we have agreed on developing our app for the android platform, we still want to be able to have cross platform compatibility to reach all potential users. We’re not sure whether we should use Adobe AIR for development or Eclipse with the SDK plugin. We also need to consider the availability of server space for testing and development backup so that we can develop our application functions to their full potential. Our final task is properly marketing our application so that all users - visitors, students, and staff - are aware of its availability

Due to the fact that the Android platform is growing in market-share faster than any smart phone on the market and given the large number of cell providers, Android appears to be the best platform for our parking solution application. The application will require a server with two purposes in mind: application distribution (hosting), and as a data server for the application to update the available parking spaces in each parking lot. Our initial goal is to have a completed Android app that encompasses our solution followed with a Web interface that would allow non-Android mobile Internet browsers access to the service.

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