Team Members

Frank Cannavo
Computer Science - Class of 2011
fsc28j at comcast dot net

Brendan Fruin
Computer Science & Economics - Class of 2011
bfruin at umd dot edu


The main objective of this application is to provide an interactive quiz that uses location as a means to help influence education. The creator of the quiz will be able to upload a quiz using a particular format to a central server. Each student in a class will then be able to see the list of active quizzes they currently have for that course. The student or user will then go on a photo scavenger hunt and upon arriving at the location will be able to answer a question. Once the quiz has been completed, the program will then communicate the results back to the server where the professor can view the scores.


We are currently developing this application to work on the iPhone.


Our target is any class where a professor can benefit from attaching homework questions to physical locations. One such class is PLSC253 Woody Plants for Mid-Atlantic Landscapes which requires students to take an inventory of the trees on campus.


Peripatos will take advantage of iPhone's Core Location functionality to figure out where the student currently is and it will use the phone's mapping libraries to show the location of the remaining questions.


Our main difficulty will be learning Apple's mobile operating system iOS and how to develop for it using iOS SDK. We also believe that it may be difficult creating a server data structure which allows for professors to upload a quiz with little problems.