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New Project Ideas Looking for groups:

ParkMe App - An app that will tell you where to park for free based on your destination, permits, time of day, events, etc. This app is for anyone driving onto the UMD campus. We are currently looking for one or two business majors. If you are interested please contact myself, Luis Sanchez or Wendy Mock

i-Meter- This is a mobile app that will help you park on any paystation meter anywhere on campus, no need for coins, or standing in the line to pay, pay for your exact time, if you are not sure, simply add more time using you phone in class, no need to call, easy as tapping on the app. We are looking for programmers and Software developers to help with our app. email Austin @ or Jalisa @, or livingston @ if you know anyone that you can refer us to we would be glad. Thanks.