Proposal and Pitch Meeting Nov 3

Proposals DUE 10am, Nov 3
Meeting: 4:30-6pm
2119 and 2105 Hornbake Library, South Wing
Free pizza and drinks

This event launches the contest. Each team must have at least one representative at the meeting ready to make a short pitch about your project and have a short written proposal available on this wiki.

You must register before attending this meeting (so we can order enough food and make sure we have enough room). You must register in advance here: ddq5hg/3B

The Proposal

You must write a short (~1 page) proposal that you post publicly on this wiki by 10am, Nov 3 with:
  • Title (i.e., team name)
  • Group members with emails, major, and graduation year (or indication of being a graduate student). Feel free to obfuscate your email address to reduce spam (i.e., my email address is <my last name>
  • Describe the problem you are addressing
  • Explain who the app is targeted to (be specific - shouldn't just be "everyone")
  • Say what your approach to addressing the problem is (describe in general terms how your app will address the problem)
  • What are the risks? (i.e., what data will you depend on that you don't currently have, what technical problems do you need to solve that you don't currently know how to address)
  • What technology do you plan on using (describe what platform(s) you plan on using, whether you will be writing a native, web, hybrid app, etc.)

Your proposal must be on this wiki in a new page, and linked to from the Projects page. Do this by editing the Projects page, adding your project title to the list of projects, selecting it and press the Link button. Save the page, then when you click on the link, you will have the opportunity to edit the new page, which you should do to put your proposal in.

A note about privacy. Your proposal will be publicly available on the web, so while you need to answer the above questions, you might choose to refrain from sharing your "secret sauce", that is any proprietary ideas that you would rather not share publicly at this point.

The Pitch

Your group must pitch your idea to the rest of the contest participants. We will be meeting at the Human-Computer Interaction Lab and a nearby classroom. To have enough room for everyone, we will split into two groups and each group will thus pitch to only half the participants. Plan on speaking for 3-5 minutes addressing the points above in your proposal. The audience and organizers will then give you feedback.