Campus Resources

Campus Authentication
Here is how you can write a web app that requires campus authentication with the standard UMD Directory ID using the existing UMD authentication mechanism.Visit their developer site for general information. Here is a zip file containing code (including a README) for a simple example of how to use it.

Directory lookup for Faculty/Staff/Student
  • Students may want to consider using OIT's current mobile implementation. Visiting from an android or iPhone will get them there.

Building Floorplans
Building floorplans are managed by the Facilities Asset Inventory group, part of Facilities Planning, and there's actually an official web interface devoted to distributing them. FacilityInfo/
Access to floorplans requires an ARES login and it looks like the app developer(s) will have to contact Facilities Planning for permission for their specific projects.

"Floorplans are only to be used for general reference purposes by the University community. Any other use requires the prior permission of the UM Department of Facilities Planning."

Campus Maps
  • OIT is working on a project to establish an official campus base map using the facilities map.
  • Facilities will work with developers to provide additional map data for specific layers
    • Parking
    • Bike racks
    • Etc.

Schedule of Classes
  • OIT will make a Web Service available for students to query that will give them access to:
    • All classes for the current semester
    • Meeting times
    • Location
    • Books and if they are required or recommended
  • OIT will also work with teams to show them how to query the Web service.

Undergraduate Catalog
  • OIT built the online undergraduate catalog and will work with students to provide any catalog data needed for their projects

ELMS Mobile
  • OIT doesn't use/subscribe to the ELMS Mobile SDK. We've developed an ELMS mobile app called ELMS Mobile using open API's. Our developer can probably answer the group's how do I ...? questions and get them started down that path. However, given the implication of this request (See authentication above) this should probably wait till after our discussion.

Development Resources

  • App Inventor: A free platform to build Android apps based on an entirely visual programming environment (built on the Scratch model)

Windows Phone 7
  • Review on Engadget (10/20/10)
  • Free SDK, tutorials, etc. (If redirects to account creation page, try loading in a different browser)

Web Development