The Proposal - Skej

Colin Vale colinv (at) <ourschool> .edu
Mechanical Engineering -2013
Tyler Dunn Tyler (at) <firstNameLastName> .com
Computer Science - 2013

Planning things is hard. With 3 or 8 or 20 different schedules, it is often a daunting task to try to set a meeting that people can attend. It’s even difficult to get lunch with a roommate, and hopeless if you live with a few friends.

Target Audience
This app is designed for University of Maryland students who wish to keep their friends. With a multitude of uses it can apply more specifically to student group leaders trying to organize an event, or even professors who are trying to schedule a make-up class.

Our approach is to have a simple interface that the student simply logs into and the program automatically accesses their class schedule. It will then find the best times when the most people are available and alert the user. A feature we may look into is editing your schedule to add extracurriculars, and even subtract classes you never go to.

This requires that we are able to temporarily access student’s schedules with their permission. A more risky feature might be saving students’ schedules who have logged on on your device so that you can mix and match the schedules of all of your “contacts.” This may require a checkbox that says “allow to save my schedule for more than 3 days” and then the user doesn’t have to get them to log in again if they want to have lunch later.

We plan on writing a web app with specific drivers for the iPhone and Android.