Terp Eats

Team Description

Team Name: TJGroup Members:
  • Jorge Faytong Computer Science Masters Student. Graduation Year: 2012
  • Tomas Lampo Computer Science PhD Student. Graduation Year: 2015

Email Adress: {jfaytong | tlampo} AT UMD EDU

App Description

UMD Students sometimes develop unhealthy eating habits, because they usually don’t have enough time to plan their meals or try to find cheaper alternatives, that often include sacrificing their health. On the other hand, there are some students who enjoy cooking, and prepare copious meals that tend to last for days, and end up eating the same thing everyday.

Application Target

This application should be used by all those students who want to improve their diet and spend less in their meals, or who are looking to discover new dishes from different countries and regions.

Addressing the Problem

We will create a mobile application that will connect these students, acting like a social network for food exchange. Users will be able to either post a small picture of the food they cooked and a brief description; or look for something to eat on campus. We are to show the dishes and creations of the UMD at College Park students, so that a healthy diet trend is hopefully created, maintained, and further developed. People will be able to “follow” their favorite “chefs” so that whenever a new creation is posted, they are informed.

Our app will help these students get in touch with their peers and participate in interactive networking. It’s also worth mentioning that cooks will later receive comments and their food will be rated, creating recognition in the community.


  • Identifying UMD students and logging them into our system. Probably by allowing only UMD accounts to sign into the system.
  • We have a very ambitious plan for this app, and a plausible risk would be that we don’t have enough time to complete all the features. However, we could always include them later.
  • Inviting people to get to know our app. We might need to distribute it in Apple’s App Store and other mediums. We need to gather enough users for our app to be useful. Otherwise, there may not be enough options to keep picky people satisfied.


This will be a Mobile Website, which will ensure compatibility with as many devices as possible.