Marcel Smallwood; Computer Science 2012; __marcelsmallwood@gmail.com__
Whitney Ford; Computer Science Fall 2011; __wford@umd.edu__
Ryan Rhodes; Computer Science Fall 2011;
Robin Brewer; Computer Science 2011;

Description: There are an abundance of events being held on campus at any given time. Many of these events go unnoticed by interested students because there isn’t an effective method of distributing the information about them to students in general. So we propose the creation of an app that would do just that, inform students about events around campus that may be of interest to them.

Problem: With over 35,000 undergraduate and graduate students, and over 500 clubs there is never a dull moment on the University of Maryland campus. Due to the large assortment of clubs and events many students have found it hard to keep up with campus events (due to lack of event promotions and organizational structure).

Introduction to TerpCal:
TerpCal is an event calendar application targeted UMD undergraduate and graduate students. All the events held across campus are hosted by an organization from within the school or that’s somehow affiliated with the school. Organizations interested in having their events posted on TerpCal will have to register. Once approved, organizations will be able to easily to manage and update their TerpCal at anytime. From the application user perspective (student), users will be able to subscribe to the calendars of the organizations that have signed up. This will create a personalized calendar for each student that shows all of the events of the organizations they are interested in.

We would like to make it so that students use their directory id and password to gain access to this app, because it is only school related organizations that will be available in the app. This would also add more functionality by allowing the calendar to post their class registration day and other things that are student specific. This is information we currently don’t have access, but plan to gain through working with OIT. Server space to host the organizations’ calendars is also needed.

This app would be a hybrid (native and web application), the organization side would be more web based then the user side which would be mainly native.