Team Name: TerpTix

Group Members:

Daniel Noskin- dnosk at umd dot edu -General Business, 2014
Danielle Krebs- dekrebs at verizon dot net -Bioengineering, 2014

Problem: The only way for University of Maryland students to get tickets for student events is by going to the website,, and printing out their ticket. Once the ticket is scanned at the entrance gate, students have no need for their 8.5 by 11 inch paper ticket. After the event, the useless tickets are not recycled the proper way and are found littered across the venue. Thus, students leave a large carbon footprint on our campus through the means of printed tickets.

Demographic: University of Maryland students.

Solution: We are making a smart phone application related to the website,, to reduce the carbon footprint and increase the sustainability on campus. Our proposed app will allow students to have an image of the ticket’s barcode on their phone so that the phone can be scanned instead of a paper ticket.

  • Less work for custodial staff.
  • Saves paper that would be wasted after the event is over.
  • Reduces the campus’s carbon footprint and increases its sustainability.
  • Students would not be able to throw paper airplanes in venues since there would be no paper.
  • You do not have to be near a computer to request a ticket. You can do it right outside of the venue.
  • Makes getting those tickets in high demand easier to request since it is on your phone. Request periods are easier to manage.
  • Faster entrance lines as phones are more accessible compared to finding a folded piece of paper in your pocket.
  • Actual attendance reporting so that you can find out exactly how many students attended the event.
  • You can keep track of University of Maryland events and team game schedules since they will be easy to find on our app.
  • Alerts to notify people if they won a ticket lottery or when due dates are for requesting a ticket.
  • If you already have a hard ticket, you can scan that to your phone by taking a picture of the barcode.
  • You cannot lose or forget your ticket if you have your phone with you.
  • If only one friend has a smart phone, others can take turns signing into that phone’s app to get their own ticket.

Risks: We need to work with to get their data and codes.

Technology: Native app for BlackBerry.