UMD Map App

Naveed Khan <nakhan> Comp. Engr. May 2012
Asif Chowdhury <asifrc> Comp. Sci. May 2012
Niraj Shah <niraj4> Comp. Engr. May 2012
Date: November 1, 2010
Subject: Android Campus Map App
The purpose of this document is to present to you our Mobile App idea. We have decided to develop an app for the Android OS that would calculate the shortest path and provide directions from the user’s location to a given building on UMD Campus.
Due to the large number of buildings on UMD campus, it is very difficult to remember the name and location of every single building. Even with the name in and location of the building in mind, it is very difficult to determine the shortest path to a building without knowing about all the detours.
The problem of getting directions to a building affects freshmen more than any other group on campus. The freshmen have little or no familiarity with the campus, and it takes time to learn just the basics about the major buildings on campus. The enormous size of this campus is a major factor for this problem. The rest of the student body (sophomores, juniors, and seniors) might be more experienced with the campus but most of them still do not know the shortest path to every building on campus. And even this group faces the problem of not being able to remember the location of every single building on campus.
Our app would act as a navigation system and would provide voice guided turn by turn directions to any building or parking lot on campus. The application would have a search feature where it would allow the user to type in the name of the building or the parking lot number. Also there will be an option to choose from a list of buildings or parking lot numbers if the user is unable to remember the name of the building.
Our biggest problem would be to obtain a map interface that allows modification. Second problem would be to get the GPS coordinates for different buildings and parking lots on campus.
We will be creating the application for the Android OS. We will be writing a native app for the platform.