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Stephen Viola (2014) - Mathematics - sviola(at)
Alex Rago (2014) - Business - arago(at)
Todd Glazer (2014) - Business - tglazer(at)

Problem description:
Many students are not very informed about many useful aspects the University of Maryland has to offer or do not take full advantage of these services. These include, but are not limited
to, bus routes, nite ride and emergency and other useful phone numbers. Although many students know about these services, they are not always easily accessible, especially when
students are away from their dorm.

Target Audience:
Our target audience is primarily University of Maryland students but will also be useful to campus staff and visitors to campus.

Approach to Address the Problem:
Our app will be fulfilling a number of different issues many students face such as:

  • A student can request for nite ride through out app and enter in the number of people with them and they will then call nite ride. The advantages of doing this as opposed to calling nite ride directly are nice ride immediately knows who you, where you are, and how many people are with you so they can give immediate feedback. This is more convenient, efficient, and saves time even if the student cannot describe where they are.
  • The app will show students all of the different bus routes in a user friendly manner which is useful on the go when it would take the student much longer to go through their phone’s browser to find them. This will help save students time by being able to better utilize the bus system, especially in inclement weather.
  • Another feature of our app will be all of the different university emergency and other useful numbers such as the front desks of the dorms, when something needs to be fixed, and the rain line for sports. Students will not only be able to look up the numbers but will be able to click on the number to call instead of having to manually dial the number.
  • A campus map will also be in our app that will help students and visitors navigate around campus. Users will be able to enlarge any part of the map they want, search for a specific building or area.
  • Campus weather will also be available through the application
  • UMPulse - Short messages providing useful information important to UMD students.

We must coordinate the NITE ride request system with DOTs. Must map out all Shuttle UM stops and what bus lines service them.

Technology we Plan on using:
Android and web management application