Livingston Ndifor / Ja’Lisa Dixon / Austin Ikechi (emails: (
Faculty Mentor: Dr.C.Karlson.
November 3rd, 2010
Parking App: i-Meter
Concept Idea
To develop an android, blackberry, and iphone operating system (iOS) app, this will that allows users to remotely re-up parking meter time from anywhere on campus. Users will be notified of parking lot availability status; it will guide users on which parking space is available with respect to their UMD status e.g. faculty, students, or visitors.
i-Meter is developed by students for students; we believe every student should have control over the parking meter not vice versa, We empower our fellow students to have control over parking meters; by using a cell phone, users of this app can remotely access parking meters to re-up your meter time, It is fast and secure, cost effective, convenience and it gives you peace of mind and no ticket worries.
How will i-Meter help?
As a freshman, your assigned parking spot may be a few blocks (sometimes 30-45 minutes away from class); after receiving two tickets for parking meter violation, I clearly don’t want a third. From interviewing students and visitors, the majority of the time, parking is more of a headache than it’s worth. Earlier this semester, I had a meeting with Dr. Karlson (Director Hillman Entrepreneurs Program UMD) on several occasion, I continually interrupted the meeting to re-up meter time. One of my classmates interrupts his class time twice within a class period to add meter time. With I-Meter, you can re-up your time at your convenience without having to walk out of class to make a call thereby missing important parts of your lecture.
Students and visitors who make use of these meters most of times fall victims to parking violation whose penalty is can be as high as $15 for every thirty minutes your car parked at the expired meter.
To get this app running, we need licensing from companies whose software we will be using. These companies are Blackberry, apple, and android because these are the major software that most telephone companies use and can be readily available to students. Also an efficient software that communicate with the multi-pay stations meters on campus which are built by Digital Pay Tech.